About Muwandu Gems Africa

At Muwandu Gems Africa, we celebrate accuracy, purity, and skill. We hold ourselves above the typical standard, and reach for unparalleled quality.

Welcome To Muwandu Gems Africa

muwandu Gems Africa has years of industry experience with forward-looking innovation to bring you the world’s leading provider of precious metal assaying, refining, and bullion products. The company prouds itself on quality, precision, and expertise to create a global footprint that services mining, recycling, institutional investment, and distribution. A legacy of excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit results in the synthesis of unrivaled perfection. At the heart of it all is honesty—in the lasting relationships we build and superior products and services we provide to our clients.


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    We are committed to operating in a safe, transparent and ethical manner through all levels of our organization.
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    We are firmly committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers and community.
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    We are committed to maintaining a transparent and responsibly sourced supply chain.

Why Choose us

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    Experience Skills – You can always speak to a real, live person from our refinery.
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    All precious metals are fully insured. That means that your metals are in fully safe hands.
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    Expert Engineers – we have top engineers ready to work with you.


We stand as a glowing beacon in the precious metals industry, where quality and precision are paramount. Our expert craftsmen and scientists have perfected the centuries old practice of assaying and forging precious metals to the highest standard possible. That dedication to excellence has given us an exhaustive array of honors, certifications, and accreditations from every major industry organization.

Mission, Vision and Values


At Muwandu Gems Africa Limited, we aim to be the best performing gold portfolio in the region. Our goal is to be attractive for fund managers to invest, while governing our actions within the highest standards of business ethics


Muwandu Gems Africa aim to be the best company in the precious metals market we can be. We aim to do this by always being open, transparent and fair, and by investing, buying or selling ethically at all times.

Core Values

Our business adheres to the highest standards of excellence, integrity, honesty, transparency and compliance.

We understand the importance of professionalism